Innate Health in Human Being

Point to wellbeing in educational and therapeutic relationships.

Personal growth  training for all those who want to improve their abilities to take care of others, both in the medical field and in the educational field.

To develop the best helping-relationship, whether medical, therapeutic, educational or simply emotional presupposes some fundamental understandings of how human experience works and how each Human Being can access their inner resources at any time in order to be of help, to heal or to learn.

During the training we will explore the Principles behind the human experience and we will deepen the implications that these have within the relational dynamics, with particular attention to the relationships between those who help and those who need help.

Being able to create an adequate and useful relationship to promote learning, changing or taking care of  people we come into contact with, is very important. It is also very important to stay connected and self-aware as much as possible, to avoid risks and stress.

At the end of the training you will have discovered how to:

Act in helping-relationships with clarity and calm mind

Understand the functioning of mental health

Go deep in patient-doctor, client-coach/counselor or student-teacher relationships, and in general helper and helped dynamics.

Maintain your own resilience, even in the face of resistance.

In these intensive training days we will explore ideas about:

Innate Wellbeing and Health

Innate Wisdom

Self healing-system

Deep listening

Free yourself from burnout

Separate realities


The training will be conducted by Ph.D. Jack Pransky and translated with consecutive translation by his Italian interpreter Graziana Esposito.

Ph.D. Jack Pransky has worked extensively in the field of prevention and with many colleagues also in the field of education and care. Thanks to his profound understanding of the human experience, he will be able to help the participants to discover their natural gifts to obtain increasingly important results in helping relationships and preserve their personal balance and well-being.

To assist the Dr. Pransky in the introduction, preparation and in-depth study of the training will be MD. Angela Scarano, Simona Ronchiadin and Monica Fava.


For all those who by profession, passion or necessity find themselves living relationships of help, physical or mental to others.

In particular it is aimed at Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Holistic Operators, Educators, Social Workers, Coaches, Teachers, prevention and Human Services Workers, or anyone who works with others.


The course will be ECM accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health and will issue a minimum of 10 credits for all the qualified categories.

For Teachers, participation in the course will entitle you to receive a discount on the educational project for the school well-being called the Investigation of Happiness, in the process of accreditation at the MIUR and scheduled for October 2018 on the whole National territory. Contact us to receive more information on this route.

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